Ideas for a 70th Anniversary

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A 70th wedding anniversary is a milestone celebrating a lifetime investment for the couple.

A couple who reaches their 70th wedding anniversary has completed a journey achieved by only a few. A couple married for 70 years may have an enormous extended family who wishes to commemorate the 70th wedding anniversary with a huge gathering of family and friends or by a couple who have only each other and a few friends. It's important to emphasize this is not the end of the journey and the couple can look forward to even more happy years ahead.


Friendly Surprise Party

A husband and wife who have invested 70 years of their lives together are possibly at the age where there are few people available to celebrate this event. If necessary, this is the point where friends can make the difference by stepping up and stepping in to acknowledge the 70th wedding anniversary and make it a celebration for the honorees. A surprise party is a good way to make an event out of the occasion even if only a few people are involved. Invite the couple for a visit to the home of one of the friends who will pick them up and drive them to their home and of course, when the door is opened, everyone gently but firmly says "happy 70th wedding anniversary." Have different people appointed to make toasts expressing the accomplishment and inspiration of a 70th anniversary event. Another person is designated to make a different toast that is humorous. A small present is appropriate but the recognition and support is what makes the celebration a success.


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Remembrance Party

Appoint some younger members of the family to produce a slide show showing major historical events that has happened during the past 70 years. As the major events unfold on screen, ask the couple to recount where they were and how the news affected them at the time. The committee can then present a second slide show of photographs arranged in chronological order of the honorees that family and friends provide from their personal photo collections. These photos of the guests of honor, alone and with family and friends bring back memories for the whole group who are asked to participate in talking about the occasions that prompted the various photos. Perhaps the biggest benefit is that the younger generation will learn more about their family history and specifically the two guests of honor.



Formal Affair

While the 70th wedding anniversary can be enjoyed at home, you can add more of an impact by hosting a fully catered event at a local hotel. Make the 70th wedding anniversary a dressy one, black-tie optional. Start with a cocktail reception with each guest receiving two drink tickets and then going to a cash bar to limit liability for the hosts. Appoint a speaker to direct everyone to their tables after a period of socializing. This can begin a time for remarks about the couple's years of marriage and what they mean to the invited guests. Dinner can be followed by a few words of appreciation from the anniversary couple. The invited guest can then offer individual congratulations and best wishes as the couple circulates through the room or remains seated at the place of honor.




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