Birthday Party Games for Women

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Let the guests go head to head at the next birthday party for women.

Planning a birthday party for a grown woman can often require some outside-the-box thinking to come up with activities. After all, classic birthday party games like "Pin the Tail on the Donkey" don't quite fit a party setting for adult women. So when you begin preparing for the birthday woman's party, think of some games your specific party guests can enjoy.


Getting to Know You

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Prepare for this ice-breaker game by first gathering guests and handing each a sheet of paper. Tell them all to write down a piece of information about themselves no one knows. They can, for instance, write about their guilty pleasures or an experience they have never told anyone about. After everyone has written a short sentence, collect the papers and place inside a bowl. Give everyone another sheet of paper and have them all number the papers from one to the number of party guests. When ready, take papers one by one from the bowl and read aloud, giving each paper a unique number that corresponds with the numbers on the players' numbered papers. The party guests all write down on their papers who they think wrote which statement. Then go through everyone's guesses. The person who made the most correct guesses wins the game.

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Chocolate Surprise

Though many women love chocolate, this chocolate game may leave a foul taste. Prepare by melting some plain milk chocolate. Empty the chocolate into an ice tray, leaving about two or three cube spots empty. Place inside those cubes a piece of onion and cover it with the chocolate. Put the chocolate-filled ice tray into the freezer. Once the chocolate has hardened, sit all the women down at the table and give each of them a piece of chocolate. Tell everyone that a few of the chocolates have a surprise inside. Suggest to the players that they put on their best poker faces to conceal whether they received the surprise chocolates. When you say "Go," have all the women eat the chocolates you gave them. Then, go around the table and have everyone wager a guess as to who ate the surprise chocolates. The players who guess correctly take home a box of chocolates, as do the unfortunate players who had to eat the surprises.


Theme Charades

Play this more challenging version of Charades by first coming up with a theme. Then, think of five charades to fall under that theme. For example, if you picked "Romantic-Comedy Movies," charades like "When Harry Met Sally" and "Pretty Woman" work well. When ready, pick a player to act out all of the charades. Once all the players have guessed the charades correctly, they then have to figure out the theme. Allow all of the players to take turns coming up with their own themes and five charades to use.



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