Printable Baby Shower Game Ideas

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Printable baby shower games allow everyone to participate.

Break the ice at your baby shower with printable baby shower games. From Baby Bingo to trivia games, these games will have people talking, laughing and enjoying the party. Print off more sheets than you think you'll need to ensure everyone gets one, and choose small prizes to give to the winners.


Baby Bingo

Baby Bingo replaces the boring numbers of regular Bingo with baby-themed words such as "pacifier" and "diaper bag." Printable Baby Bingo cards are available from the Babbee Baby Showers and Plan the Perfect Baby Shower websites. Babbee offers 15 different versions for you to choose from. Print off enough for each guest and one extra copy. Two sets of rules exist for Baby Bingo. For the first, cut up the squares from the extra card and put them in a bowl. Draw out a card at random and call it off. The first person to get five matching squares horizontally, vertically or diagonally wins.


For the second option, choose a Baby Bingo card with common items on it and give each player one before starting. Try to use different cards for each person, but if this is not possible, then state that whoever yells "Bingo!" first wins. When the mother-to-be begins unwrapping gifts, guests cross off each item she receives from their cards. If no one wins after all the gifts are unwrapped, draw cards from a hat to finish the game.

Word Scramble

Word Scramble, from the Babbee Baby Showers website, requires guests to unscramble as many baby-related words as possible within a certain time limit. Whoever gets the most words unscrambled correctly wins. Make sure to print off the answer sheet and read the answers off at the end of the game. Guests can add up how many they got correct to see who won. Provide enough pencils and clear table space for each guest to work on.


Old Wives' Trivia Game

Most people have heard several old wives' tales throughout their lives. Test your guests' knowledge and memory with a trivia game of old wives' tales centered around pregnancy. The worksheet is available from Plan the Perfect Baby Shower and includes 15 questions. A separate answer key is provided for checking your guests' answers. Allow time for everyone to answer all the questions and see who got the most correct answers.