Ideas for Door Prizes for a Family Reunion

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A t-shirt is just one of many items that can be personlized.

Create a memorable family reunion event by providing door prizes for family members. These might be individual gifts, given to specific relatives to honor an accomplishment, a door prize for each family or something for all those attending the family reunion.


Personalized Item

Online print-on-demand vendors and photography shops make it easy and affordable to customize a gift item by adding a digital image or text. Begin by creating a digital image to add to the item that in theme with the family reunion. This might be a logo designed for the family reunion or your family crest. There are countless items to personalize, including t-shirts, hats, coffee mugs, mouse pads, notebooks, beer steins, baby clothing, tote bags, key chains, magnets, buttons, paper weights, ink pens, beach towels and bottle openers. Some vendors offer single item orders, while others will require bulk purchases.


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Gift Certificate

If the family members have traveled a distance to the reunion, many will appreciate a gift they can put toward traveling expenses. Shop around for suitable gift cards, such as gasoline gift cards or gift cards for local restaurants or fast food establishments. If you plan to award a prize to the relative who has driven the longest distance to the reunion, consider the gasoline gift card as the prize.


Family History

If you or another family member is actively involved in genealogy and has created an online family tree at, use the account to take advantage of the website's printing services. In a matter of minutes, it is possible to create a family history book or family tree poster. Either of these items would make an ideal door prize at a family reunion. To take full advantage of the service, upload appropriate family photos to the online family tree, and update the family information. When making a family tree poster or family history book, the program allows you to pull photos or data from the online tree to add to the poster or book.



Assemble scrapbooking material to create a family reunion scrapbook as a door prize. Include an album, extra scrapbook pages, decorative stickers, photo tape and other essentials needed to create the book. For a reunion held at a resort, include some postcards and brochures of the resort in the scrapbook. When the recipient of the gift returns home after the reunion, she can create her own family reunion scrapbook using the materials and photographs she took at the reunion.



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