Adult Party Games for Four People

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No matter the size of your party, you can always have fun with games.

Not all parties require large groups of people. Sometimes, small get-togethers with just four people can be much more fun than larger, more populated events. To ensure your small party gets started on the right foot and keeps going throughout the night, plan some party games that are perfect for the number of people attending your event.


Forbidden Letters

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Play this silly adult party game by first picking one letter that none of the players can say throughout the game. Next, select a person to play the "Interrogator." His job is to try to get the players to use the letter by asking questions that lead the players to answer with words using the forbidden letter. For instance, when you've picked the letter "C," the Interrogator can ask, "What animal makes the 'meow' noise?" The players have to answer using the correct word, minus the letter. If a player uses the forbidden letter, she gets disqualified from the game. To make the game more challenging, add more letters to the prohibited list. The last player remaining wins the game. Continue the game for several rounds, allowing all of the players a chance to become the Interrogator.

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Name that Tune

Before the party starts, create a mix CD composed of songs your party guests have a chance of knowing. Gather your party guests around a stereo or computer and play the first five seconds of the first track. The first player to raise his hand gets to guess the name of the song and/or the name of the artist singing the song. If he guesses both correctly, he gets two points. Play more of the song if necessary in five-second intervals until you have someone willing to guess. Deduct points for every wrong guess. Make the game more difficult by asking trivia questions about the songs, such as when the song was released. You can also pause the songs at certain points and see if the players can guess the next lyric. The game continues until you have gone through the entire CD. The person with the most points wins.


Feed Me

When your guests start to get hungry, try playing this game. Begin by placing some food items on a plate. Separate the players into pairs and have them sit across from each other at a table. Place the prepared plate in front of one of the players. Next, blindfold them both. When you say, "Go," the player with the plate in front of her has to feed her partner. After about five minutes pass, take off everyone's blindfolds. The pair who has the less messy partner wins the game.



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