Ideas for Decorating a Pineapple Party Tray

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Decorate a pineapple tray for a centerpiece.

A properly decorated pineapple tray can be a centerpiece for a special occasion–as well as a sweet appetizer. Pineapples are fitting for a luau or island party theme, and for all events where hors d'veours are desirable. Keep in mind that pineapple is typically served chilled and will dry out in a warm atmosphere.


Top of the Pineapple

The top portion of the pineapple resembles a small tree. The green top is removed prior to coring and skinning the fruit for eating. Instead of discarding the greenery, use it as a decoration for your pineapple tray. Cut the top so the stem is flat and flush to the bottom leaves. The leaves of the top will act as their own stand. For a small tray, place the top in the center and arrange rings or chunks of fruit around it. For a larger tray, place several tops around the outer edges and fill the center with pineapple. Play with the arrangement of the tops to suit the shape of the tray. For a round tray, place one in the center and a few around the edges. For a square, place one top in each corner.


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Porcupine Pineapple Tray

To mix fresh pineapple with pre-cut or canned fruit consider creating a porcupine pineapple tray. This idea is convenient for guests because the toothpicks are already in place. Ensure the bottom of the pineapple is flat and the fruit is well shaped. Ask for assistance at the market if you're unsure how to pick a ripe pineapple. Top and core your pineapple and carefully cut the fruit from the skin, leaving the outer part in tack. Place the top back onto the empty skin. Cut the fruit into chunks. Poke colorful toothpicks through chunks of pineapple, stick into the outer skin. Add a red cherry to the end of the toothpick for added color. Center the porcupine pineapple on your tray and fill in with canned chunks.


Colorful Pineapple Tray

The singular color of pineapple appears bland when served alone. Add colorful fruits to brighten up the dish. Choose ring shaped pineapple. Place a single layer of the rings along the bottom of a tray and insert a cherry, grape or large blueberry into the center of each ring. Pick fruit in sizes which fill the center hole. Add a second layer of pineapple rings to the tray and repeat the process. Continue creative layers until the tray reaches the desired height.


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