Clean Fun Games for Women's Parties

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Use toilet paper to design a funny wedding dress.

If you are planning a bridal shower for a shy bride or you are simply interested having a fun and clean party for your female friends, find the right games to keep the atmosphere lively and fun. Plenty of naughty games exist for all-female groups, but there also are many clean games to choose from, as well.


Who Am I?

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As each guest arrives, tape to her back a note card with the name of a famous person. Through the course of the party, guest can ask yes or no questions about who she is, narrowing down the possibilities for her to consider. This can get guests talking to each other and also be a good icebreaker when there are people in the party who have never met before.

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Wedding Dress

Split the party into groups of three and five people. Give each group several rolls of toilet paper and have them designate a bride. Use the toilet paper to create a wedding dress for the designated bride. Encourage the groups to get creative by adding tiaras, veils and bouquets made of earrings. The winner is the group with the best dress chosen by a designated judge.



When you are planning a bridal shower, put together a list of questions for guests about the bride, including questions about where she went to school, her favorite foods and how she met her groom. You can ask these questions every now and then throughout the course of the party or set up a round of trivia. Each correct answer gets a small prize.


Forbidden Words

Designate a forbidden word for the evening. If it is a bridal shower or bachelorette party, it might be the groom's name or the word "wedding." If it is a get-together for fun, the forbidden word might be "work" or "boss." Give each participant a small safety pin to attach to her clothing. If she says the forbidden word, whoever hears her gets to take her safety pin away. At the end of the party, the woman with the most safety pins wins.


Sentence Picture

Hand out pencil and paper and have each participant write down a random sentence. Hand the paper to the left and each person illustrates the sentence that was written. Fold down the paper so that the sentence is no longer visible and hand the paper to the left again. The next person writes down a sentence that goes with the picture and then folds the paper so that the picture is hidden before passing it to the left. The game continues until the paper filled. Then the paper can be unfolded and the progression of sentences and pictures enjoyed.



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