Children's Bible Activities About Abraham & Sarah

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Bible lessons.
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Abraham and Sarah's life events are told in the book of Genesis, chapters 12 to 25. Children can understand that God chose Abraham because of his willingness to please God. God blessed Abraham and Sarah more than they could have ever guessed. Yet, their lives were not completely without sin. Activities about Abraham and Sarah can help children learn that God chooses to bless us, even though we are not perfect.


Name Plaque

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The story in Genesis 17:1-15 can teach children how special each of us really is to God. God changed Abram's name to Abraham, which means "father of many," and changed Sarai's name to Sarah. God then blessed the couple. Give the children a sense of being special because of their names. Have each child choose a foam meat tray from a variety of shapes and colors. Have the children write their first name with chalk or a pencil, then outline the letters with glue. Sprinkle glitter over the glue, then carefully shake off the excess. Poke two holes, a few inches apart, at the top of the foam tray. Thread a piece of string through the holes and tie together to form a hanger for the plaque. Have the kids show their plaques to other children and tell what they know about their special name.


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The Unselfish Game

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In Genesis 13:1-13, Abram and his nephew Lot had large families and many helpers and animals. In a very unselfish gesture, Abram offered Lot first choice of the lands around them. Lot chose the best for himself. As a result, God blessed Abram for his unselfishness, but did not bless Lot. Form four or five pairs or teams of children. Give each team a numbered paper bag with several small gifts or treats inside. Put different items into each bag. Each child may choose one item from their bag to keep for themselves. Then, pass the bag to another group. Each child should take one item from each of the bags. Gather up the bags, then choose one child at a time to go swap an item with another child. Remind the children not to be selfish. At the end of the game, everyone should have sacrificed at least one item that they wanted.


Baby Makes Three - Crayon Rubbings

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God blessed Abraham and Sarah with a son in their old age. Provide cardboard cutouts for stencils of adult and children. Simple gingerbread figures will work. Have the kids place a piece of paper over the cardboard stencil and rub the side of a crayon over the paper to make a crayon rubbing. Have kids make two adults, representing Abraham and Sarah, and one child, Isaac. On the back of the paper, have the kids make a crayon rubbing to represent the adults and children in their family. Encourage children who can write to print a Bible verse and the names of Abraham's family on one side of the paper and the prayer of thanks and their own family's names on the other side.


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