Adult Musical Party Games

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Everyone remembers playing musical chairs when they were young, but few think about playing musical games at adult parties. You do not need to be a child to enjoy musical party games. Pump up the volume and incorporate some musical party games in your next adult party. You and your guests will be humming for days.


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Name That Tune

Create a game similar to the old television show, "Name That Tune." Make a list of songs before the party and write the titles on pieces of paper. Fold the papers and put them in a basket for teams to draw from later. If this is a theme party, use only song titles for that theme, such as holiday songs for a Christmas party, 60's songs for a 60's costume party, etc. Divide the guests into two groups. Each team chooses one person to pick a song name out of the basket and hum the tune until someone guesses the title. Give a time limit so the game does not drag on. You could also gather some music on CD and play the music for teams to guess the title of the song. Play as individuals if your guest list is short.


True Feelings

Play this silly music game without playing actual music. This is a good game to play after another musical game where song titles are stuck in guest's heads and also at parties where couples attend, especially a couples shower. Give everyone, or each couple, a piece of paper and a pen. Have them write down titles to six of their favorite songs. After everyone writes down their songs give tell them what those songs truly mean. Read the meaning for each song and then have everyone state the song title. For example, tell the party guests that song number one tells how that couple felt after the first kiss. Then the couples read the first title they wrote down. You can give prizes for the song title most closely related to the first kiss (such as Shut Up and Kiss Me) or the song title furthest from the first kiss (such as Our House).


Repeat with the remainder of the list using the following statements: Number two is how that couple felt after their first date. Number three is how the couple felt during their honeymoon. Number four is how the couple felt after the first year of marriage. Number five is how the couple feels currently. Number six is what the couple will expect after 50 years of marriage.


The couple with the most points wins.

Song Charades

Play song charades with your party guests. Divide the group into two teams. One person from one team is it and thinks of a song. He acts out that song, without using words, just as in normal charades play. If no one can guess what song he is trying to act out after one minute, he has the option of allowing the other team to guess and get a point or by humming the tune of the song, hoping to get his team to guess and receive the point. Play alternates back and forth until one team gets to a predetermined point number.


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