Dance Party Games for Kids

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Kids dancing and jumping.

Dance parties are a great way for kids to get together and have fun while staying active. If you are planning to host a dance party for your kids, including dance party games is a great way to keep your kids involved and having fun. With a large variety of dancing games, choose games that best suit the ages of your children.


Musical Statues

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Young girl stops after the music stops while dancing.

This an easy dance game that even young children can enjoy. One child can be chosen to be in charge of the music. While the music plays, children are free to dance around. When the music stops, all of the dancers must freeze into statues. If any children are seen moving after the music stops, they are out. You can continue playing until only one dancer is left or play until the end of the song, with all the children left at the end of the song being the winners.

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Snowball Dance

3 young boys dancing outdoors.

This game is perfect for larger groups where children are encouraged to get to know new people. A few couples are chosen to begin dancing. At an adult's signal, children will break off from their partners and choose a new partner who has not danced. Continue the snowball dance until every child is dancing. This game is a great way to break the ice and help children feel more comfortable with the group.


Pass the Dance

Children dancing in a circle.

For this game, children should stand in a circle. One child starts by showing a dance move to the child next to her. The second child copies the first child's dance move and adds another of her own. The third child now does both dance moves and adds on a third. Children continue to pass the dances around the circle. You can play that children are out when they can't remember all the dance moves or just start over when the dance moves become too difficult to remember.


Hula Hoop Contest

2 young girls with hula hoops.

A hula hoop contest is another fun dance party game. Put on some great music and let children see how long they can keep the hula hoop going. You can have children compete against one another to see who can hula hoop for the longest or who can be the most creative with his hula hoop. You can also let the kids use the hula hoops in pairs and see which pairs can successfully pass the hula hoop back and forth while keeping it moving.



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