Creative Ways to Cover a Clothes Rack That Is Out in the Middle of a Room

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Dress up freestanding clothing racks to make them part of a room's design.

People who are in fashion design, own a boutique or are in sales of some sort often have to take their work home with them. For some, this means living with racks of clothing. While you may not mind a rack of clothing in the middle of your room, you still should protect the clothing from things like cooking and cleaning agents, cigarette smoke, dust and the prying eyes and fingers of visitors. There are easy ways to conceal a clothing rack.


Shower Curtains

Shower curtains come in a variety of fabrics, not to mention patterns and designs. You can even use a clear plastic shower curtain over a clothing rack so that you can still see what clothes you have while protecting them. For extra large racks of clothing you might have to sew two shower curtains together before you drape them.


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Purchase fabric, a quilt or a wall hanging that you think goes well with your decor. Instead of hanging it on the wall, drape it over your clothes rack. In order to make it hang correctly, you might want to sew a sheet to the top of it, so that the sheet hangs on one side of the clothes rack, with the quilt or tapestry on the other side. Alternatively, you could purchase two quilts or tapestries, and sew the top side of one to the top side of the other, so that when you drape them over the clothes rack, they slope down on either side like a peaked roof.


Mesh or Netting

Throwing mesh or netting over a clothes rack is a suitable solution for someone who doesn't care if the clothes rack is not completely hidden or protected. For example, you could toss fisherman's netting over the clothes rack for an industrial effect. Likewise you could purchase yards of mesh in any color of the rainbow and throw that over the clothes rack. Again, this is more decorative than protective.


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