The Best Perennial Hanging Flowers

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Geraniums work great in hanging baskets.

Any perennial plant that has a trailing habit will look great in a hanging basket. Planting perennials in hanging baskets does pose a challenge, however. You'll have to water the plant all year long, even in the winter when it is dormant. Also, if the plant you choose can't handle extreme temperatures, you may need to move it to a warmer spot for the winter, such as your garage or basement. An advantage of planting perennials in hanging baskets is the plant will come back every year and won't have to be replaced.



Geraniums have long been popular perennials for their bright, cheery blooms. Some geranium varieties work better than others in hanging baskets. For example, ivy leaved geraniums are a trailing variety that grow up to three feet long. They have fewer blossoms than other geraniums and their leaves are narrower. These flowers come in many colors, such as red, pink and white. Geraniums prefer full sun in cooler weather, but at 80 degrees and above, they need some afternoon shade. They need well-drained, fertile soil.


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Red Cascade Rose

Most rose varieties are bushes planted in the ground, but the red cascade, which is also known as the moorcap rose, thrives in containers and hanging baskets. This flower produces masses of small red flowers throughout the season. It grows up to 18 inches long and about 6 to 8 inches wide. Plant your red cascade roses where they will receive full sun.



Chrysanthemums provide a splash of color beginning in late summer and lasting all the way through the fall. They are popular for hanging baskets because they produce large blooms in a variety of colors, including yellow, pink, gold, orange and red. Plant your chrysanthemums, or mums, in average, well-drained soil and place them where they will receive full sun.


Santa Barbara Daisy

The Santa Barbara daisy is a hardy perennial that spreads quickly. It produces many daisies with yellow centers throughout the warm months. The flowers are white at first, then change to pink and end up lavender. Santa Barbara daisies are easy to grow and thrive in full sun and in well-drained, fertile soil.


Dwarf Morning Glory

The dwarf morning glory, also known as the blue daze dwarf morning glory, works well in hanging baskets. While this flower is classified as a morning glory variety, unlike other morning glories, it doesn't climb. Rather, this flower trails, growing up to 18 inches long and 2 feet wide. The dwarf morning glory produces bright blue flowers and should be planted in well-drained soil and placed where it will receive full sun. Dwarf morning glories can tolerate some shade.



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