Fun Easter Games for Kids & Adults

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There are numerous festivities that come along with the Easter holiday, from religious ceremonies to the presence of a seemingly endless variety of Easter candy. In addition to candy and church-related activities, add some creativity and fun to the Easter holiday with games catered to both kids and adults alike. These games are simple, easy-to-learn and enjoyable for all ages.


Egg Race

Split two dozen eggs into two groups and color them each a different color. Then, take one group and separate them, leaving about 1 foot of space between each one. Arrange them in one straight line along the floor. Then, place a basket at the end of this line. A few feet from the original line, form another with the remaining colored eggs. Designate a leader for each time, and allow each to choose his side. One player from each side can play at a time. When players are chosen and eggs readied, each player stands by his line of eggs and is provided with an extra large spoon. On the start of "go," each player scoops up the egg with the spoon and gets it to the basket at the end of the line. Then, the next player does the same, and so on. The team with the highest number of successful players wins the game.


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Easter Pinata

This game is like playing with a piñata, minus the candy, according to the website Once the Easter egg hunt is over, gather some of the more colorful eggs together and run a string through each. Then, hang them from a chandelier (or something similar) so they are suspended in the air. Put a sheet or clear runner underneath the area to avoid damage to the carpet or floor underneath. Then, blindfold each person and give them a cane (or something similar with which to strike) to strike the eggs. If one is knocked down, he gets to keep it. If not, he has to wait for another turn. The person with the most eggs at the end wins. Remember, set a designated number of times a player may swing to keep the game competitive.


Easter Egg Relay

Use chalk or a washable marker to make four lines on the table or floor. Make each line around 10 feet long and space each one about 5 inches apart. This should leave three fairly narrow spaces between each line. At the end of each space, make a small circle and write a 10 in the middle circle; place a five in the other two. The middle space is then marked with a three and the other two marked with a one. Each player gets five eggs and rolls one down the middle space towards the circles drawn at the end of each space. If it gets into the circle, mark down the number inside the circle. If it stops in the middle space, mark down that number accordingly as well. Keep score for each player and the person with the most points at the end wins the game.