Tea Party Games for Children

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Use plastic teapots and teacups as props for engaging tea party games.

When you're hosting a tea party for your daughter and her friends, organize an assortment of games to suit the theme. Devise activities that allow the guests to play as individuals and on teams to encourage camaraderie. Gather prizes such as toy tea sets, dress-up accessories or gift cards to an ice cream parlor or tea house to offer to the game winners.


Teapot Relay

Organize an active team game that allows the guests to work together and expend a little energy after they've enjoyed their tea and refreshments. Divide the group into two to four teams. Place one empty plastic teapot for each team on the other side of the yard or driveway. Give each team a small plastic teacup and a bucket full of water. Instruct the first player to fill the teacup with water, race across the yard, pour the water into the teapot and race back to hand the cup to the next player in line. Award prizes to the first team to fill its teapot with water.


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Taste Testing

Let the guests test their taste buds to determine who can correctly identify the most flavors of tea. Give each guest a piece of paper numbered from one to five and five paper cups numbered from one to five, each containing 2 ounces of tea. Ensure the "hot" tea is tepid to avoid accidents. Make the game easier for young guests by choosing teas with basic flavors like raspberry, strawberry, lemon or orange. Start the kids' game by instructing the guests to sip the tea from one cup and write its flavor by the corresponding number on the worksheet.


Sugar Stacking

Take a cue from the Amazing Moms website and organize a simple game that the young guests and their parents alike will find challenging. Provide a bowl full of sugar cubes and give the players 30 seconds to see how many cubes they can stack without the tower toppling over. Allow the players to spread out and work on a variety of flat surfaces around the room rather that working at the same table. This way, one bump of the table won't knock all of the stacks over. In the event of a tie, let the finalists compete to determine who can build the tallest stack in two minutes.


Pass the Tea

Use a plastic teapot to play a Hot Potato-inspired game at the children's tea party. Instruct the guests to stand in a circle while you play a tea-party-themed song such as "I'm a Little Teapot" on a CD player. Give one player the teapot and ask her to pretend to pour a cup of tea and then pass the teapot to the next player in line. Have an adult who has her back turned to the players stop the music at random times. The player holding the teapot when the music stops must leave the circle. Continue the teapot activity until only one player remains.


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