Fun Block Party Games for Kids

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Throwing a block party is one way to not only get the adults together for eating, drinking and socializing, but for the kids of the neighborhood to meet each other and play. Keeping kids at a block party entertained can be a bit of a challenge unless you have games and activities available for them. Fortunately, there are many inexpensive block party games that are suitable for kids of all ages.


Street Hockey

To set up a game of street hockey, you will need enough sticks for each kid at the block party and at least one puck—you can purchase these items inexpensively from your local discount or dollar store, or buy them from a toy store. Split the kids into two teams as equally as possible, ensuring that there isn't a large number of older children concentrated on one team.


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To set up goals, you can simply draw lines with sidewalk chalk or set up orange cones, which can be bought from most sporting goods stores. Tell the children the rules of the game, and let them know there will be no contact or hitting allowed. At the end of the game, the winning team can be given ribbons as awards. Have a bucket of small, inexpensive candies, treats or toys available for each of the participants to choose from, that way all the kids will receive a prize.


Water Balloon Toss

To have a water balloon toss, you will need balloons filled with water and at least five hula hoops. Place the hula hoops apart in increasing increments. For example, the second hula hoop can be 5 feet away from the first, the third hula hoop can be 8 feet away from the second hula hoop, and so on.


Fill the balloons with water before the block party starts, and gently place them in a bucket. Have the participating children take turns throwing the balloons as far as they can, aiming to land them in the hoops. The child who not only throws the farthest, but actually lands the balloons inside of the hoops, wins. You can give the winner an inexpensive trophy, make an award certificate for the winner or offer all participants a small prize.


Relay Race

A block party relay race is a bit different from a traditional relay race since there isn't as much room to run. To set up a relay race at your block party, you will need to choose at least three obstacles. Examples of obstacles include a short sprint, hopping on one leg through hula hoops, a sack race, sliding down a water slide or running through a water sprinkler. The children should be split into equal teams of at least three kids per team.


Designate a starting line and a finish line—you can have an adult stand at these points, or mark them with rubber cones or sidewalk chalk. When an adult yells "Go," one kid from each team at a time will go through each obstacle. Each kid from a team will have to go through the obstacles to complete the race. The team that finishes first wins.



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