Clever Ways to Wrap Keys When Giving Someone a Car as a Gift

There are creative ways to gift someone with a set of car keys.

If you recently have purchased or plan to purchase a car for a loved one, you may want to consider a few creative ways to wrap the keys and to present your loved one with the gift. Wrapping car keys can be tricky because they jingle. Someone shaking a box of car keys likely will guess what is inside. Instead, use your creativity to keep the big gift a secret until the right time.

Model Car

Buy a miniature car replica of the car you purchased, and insert the keys inside the car. Many model cars have doors that open. Place the keys across the front seat or tape a car key on the bottom of the car or inside the hood. Include a greeting card that gives the recipient a clue or two about where to look for the key or keys.

Miniature Leather Key Case

Purchase a miniature leather key case. Put the car key or keys on the attached key ring of the key case, which looks like a miniature wallet. Then, insert the attached key inside the key case and snap it closed. This will keep the key secure and will mask noise if the gift recipient shakes the gift box.

Candy Box Keys

Fill a decorative gift box with "noisy" candy--such as gumballs, jelly beans and other hard candy. Throw the keys in the box with a creative, candy-themed key chain and a card announcing the gift recipient's "Sweet Ride."

Gift Bags

Place car keys in a small gift bag filled with crinkled paper confetti. Gift bags are a good solution to "an oddly shaped gift," according to Alternately, wrap the keys in colored tissue paper and place them in the gift bag. Cover the gift bag in car stickers if you would like to be more overt about the gift inside.