Billiards Party Decorating Ideas

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The distinct colors and spherical shape of pool balls make balloons and balls the perfect items to complement the decor of your billiards party. Add some paint, colored paper and a little bit of handiwork to create unique decorations that will be the talk of the party.

Dining Tables

Choose rectangular folding tables for dining and serving tables. Set them up and cover them with green felt. Measure the felt and cut it to fit snugly over the table, with enough excess to tape it in place along the underside of the table. Set up racks of pool balls and place one in the middle of each table as a centerpiece.

Styrofoam Pool Balls

Purchase polystyrene foam balls from the craft store. Paint them to look like pool balls -- some with stripes, some solids. Add the numbers using a thin artist's brush. Hang them from the ceiling with fishing wire. Use them to designate seating arrangements by assigning a pool-ball number to each guest and placing the corresponding ball at each person's seat.

Billiards Lanterns

Create your own paper mache pool-ball-style lanterns. Cut strips of colored tissue paper or newspaper, dip them in glue mixture and cover the outside of an inflated round balloon. Allow them to dry, then pop the balloon. Remove the balloon and cut off one end so you have a bowl remaining. Paint the bowl in pool ball colors if you used newspaper. Place a flameless tea light inside the bowl. Poke two small holes near the rim on opposite sides of the bowl and use fishing wire for a floating effect, or string to hang lanterns.


Fill pool-ball-colored balloons with helium. Draw numbers and stripes on them with magic markers. Arrange them in bunches, or tie single balloons to the backs of chairs. Hang streamers in coordinating colors. Purchase Magic 8 balls and miniature pool table games, which can serve as both table decorations and party favors.

Billiards Cake

The pool-table cake can be displayed as a showpiece until it is time for dessert. Bake a rectangular sheet cake in any flavor according to directions. Mix green food coloring with white frosting until you have the shade of green that matches the felt of a pool table. Frost the top of cake with the green frosting and the sides with chocolate. Position round chocolate cookies as the pockets, add gumdrops for the pool balls and chocolate-covered pretzel logs as cue sticks.

For another dessert alternative, bake cupcakes. Use food coloring and white icing to make the colors of pool balls and decorate each cupcake as individual pool balls. Set them up in a triangular rack.

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