Game Ideas for a Beauty & The Beast Party

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The Beast has to find love before the last petal falls from the flower.

With the popularity of Disney princesses, Beauty and the Beast is a popular party theme. The games you select for your Beauty and the Beast party will help reinforce your theme and will provide your guests with entertaining games and activities. You can easily design your own games or use traditional games that are modified to match the Beauty and the Beast theme.


Guess the Character

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Since most of your party guests will be familiar with the characters from "Beauty and the Beast" you can create a guessing game for the guests. Prior to the party, print names of the different characters onto individual pieces of paper. For younger guests, you can print off pictures of the characters. Every guest will wear a character on his or her back. Then they take turns asking yes and no questions to figure out the character on their backs. Another option is to play charades with the different characters and have the other guests try to guess who is being portrayed.

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Pin the Petal on the Rose

In the story, the Beast has a magic rose. He has to find true love before the final petal falls off the rose. You can create a rose stem on a piece of poster board. For the petals, you can either cut them out of construction paper or else use silk petals from your local crafts store. The guests then take turns trying to pin their petal on the rose while they are blindfolded. The petal that is the closest wins.


Book Games

Since Belle loved to read, you can use books to create a party game. One option is to place a couple of books on the guests' heads. Then break them into teams and have them take turns walking an obstacle course with the books balanced on their heads. The team that finishes first wins. Another option is to make Mad Libs out of classic fairy tales. Remove key words in the story and have the kids fill them in with their own words.


Get Gaston

Gaston is the villain of the story. Prior to the party, fill small water balloons with water. You will want enough for each guest to have three or four balloons. Find a man who is willing to play Gaston and have him walk around in front of the guests. Have the guests toss the water balloons at the evil Gaston and try and soak him.



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