Christine Daae Costume Ideas

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Keep a Victorian theme when putting together your costume.

Through the years the gowns worn by Christine Daae have been subject to many interpretations, leaving you to let your imagination drift as you create your own version of Christine Daae. Even though there are many interpretations of Christine's look, her white dressing gown, red and gold gown, and blue walking dress are the costumes she is best known for. The key to creating a smashing Christine Daae is to think Victorian and be creative.


White Dressing Gown

The white dressing gown is the costume that Christine wears the most during the play. It is also the simplest costume that she wears. It is a thin pure white or off white dress that of resembles a nightgown. It traditionally has a fitted bodice with flared sleeves. Its length ranges from mid-calf to floor length, and it is trimmed with lace at the hem and neckline. Some versions of this dress have added a corset or waist cincher to add more shape to the garment.


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Simple do-it-yourself versions of this costume can be made with a combination of things you already own and purchased from costume stores. The nightgown can be combined with a lace robe then accented with Victorian style jewelry. A cape or corset can also be added to add form to the nightgown and give a more Victorian effect.


The Countess

The countess dress is one of the more elaborate costumes that Christine has. It is the red and gold dress that she wears when she finally plays the lead role in Il Muteo. The outer body and the outer skirt of the dress are deep red velvet, silk or satin. The inner bodice is accented with a golden corset to add shape a contrast. The inner skirt is also gold for contrast. The hair is worn piled high with a few curls hanging down along the face. Some will add a tiara to add height. A petticoat or bussle is worn under the skirt to make it bigger. Because it is worn when Christine takes the lead in Il Muteo, it is a very dramatic dress. Since it is such an elaborate dress it may be difficult to do with materials in your closet and will need either a professional seamstress or to be purchased at a costume shop.


The Blue Dress

Christine only wears the blue dress twice during Phantom of the Opera: when she meets with the manager of the opera house and when she visits her father's grave. This style dress is called a walking dress and was considered casual wear by Victorian women. It is fabricated in contrasting shades of blue cotton, with the body of the dress being light blue then trimmed in darker shades of blue. A petticoat or bussle can be worn under the skirt to add more flare to the dress, but are not required. The bodice is fitted and can be accented by a wide brimmed feathered hat or a small pill hat with a veil. Like the countess, this dress may need a professional hand to make sure it is executed properly. The cost of this this will vary depending on the amount of detail that is asked for.


The Wedding Dress

The wedding dress is Christine's most elaborate costume.

The wedding dress is the most elaborate costume that Christine has. It was designed by the The Phantom and she wears it in the end scene where she unmasks The Phantom. It is a traditional white wedding dress with a fitted bodice and a wide skirt bolstered by a bussle or petticoat. Some versions of the wedding dress incorporate jewels and sequins into the fabric to add shine. It can also be accented with large diamond earrings and necklace. The most cost effective way to create the wedding dress is to wear your wedding dress, borrow or rent a wedding dress. If that isn't an option you can have one made by a professional seamstress.



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