Funny Games for Women

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If you have a group of women gathering for a party or event, you should have some fast-paced fun games for women to play. Playing games is a good way to break the ice and make everyone feel relaxed. Game playing puts everyone in unique situations that will result memorable moments. No matter how large the group you can have some games for everyone to laugh at.


Purse Hunt

Instruct everyone to bring her purse to the event. This information should be included in the invitation. Before the party, write all the letters of the alphabet on a piece of paper. Cut the letters out, fold them in half and put them in a large bowl. During the game portion of the event, pull out one letter at a time. Tell the ladies to open their purses. Call out the letter and award a prize to the woman who finds an item that starts with the letter first. The player should hold the item over their head and shout a password or phrase like, "Found it!" Call out the whole alphabet if you have a large group. Just call eight to ten letters if you have a smaller one. The competition this game inspires makes it fun.


Video of the Day


Before the event, write down book, movie and song titles on slips of paper. Fold the slips in half and toss them in a bowl. Divide the group into two competing groups. One at a time, individuals act out the slips to their groups trying to earn a win. Use a timer and set time for teams to guess the correct answer in. If the first team does not guess correctly, the second team tries. Award one point to teams that win during their turn. Award two points to teams that win after the first team misses. Explain the rules of the game before you begin playing. Remind everyone not to talk but use pantomime action only to convey the title listed on the slip of paper. This funny game will have even the most reserved women looking silly.


What's Missing?

Arrange many goodies on tables in the room. This is easy if your party is a dinner party. Just make the small items apart of your centerpiece. After a little time, tell everyone to leave the room. While they are gone and being monitored for cheating, remove one item from each table. When guests come back ask them to identify which item is missing. The group that identifies the missing items first wins. Play this game a few times for fun.



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