Birthday Party Ideas for 90-Year-Old Women

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Anyone luck enough to reach their 90th birthday, deserves a party that celebrates their life. Think about all the things the person experienced, including the first person to walk on the moon, the first cars on the road and the first cell phones. Technology and society has changed a lot since they took their first steps and remembering those great moments is only one key to throwing a successful party. Put the focus of the party on their experiences, instead of their age.


Photo Collage

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Create a photo collage that highlights major events and happenings that occurred during the person's life. Include both important events and fun trivia. For example, use World War II or the Great Depression, but also include things such as the opening of "Gone With the Wind" or "The Wizard of Oz." Use photos of the person, especially photos that depict their involvement in those events. For example, if the woman served in WWII, make sure you add a picture of her in uniform.


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Memory Jar

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A memory jar lets the birthday girl feel special. Simply place a large glass jar next to the front door or in a centralized spot in the room and leave a pen and slips of paper next to it. Ask each person who enters to write down a special memory they have of the person. Either read the notes during the party or give them to the guest of honor to read later. Another idea is to set up a large piece of poster board with pen and let the guests write celebratory notes and good wishes.



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Serve drinks in antique or older tea cups, with matching saucers. Find a mixture of antique lunch plates or matching dishes for larger foods. Get your friends and family involved by encouraging people to donate old dishes they might have stored away in a closet or attic. Use lace doilies and tablecloths to match the place settings. You may even find that the birthday party guest of honor has a few things she may want to donate for the party.



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Make a CD with the top songs from past decades. Depending on the length of the party, you may even have enough time to play several CDs. Start with the top song from the year the person was born and move up to the top songs from today. If your 90-year old prefers classic music, stick with songs from when she was younger.



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