Birthday Gift Ideas for a 32-Year-Old Woman

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Get a great gift for your female friend.
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No matter what her age, women love getting presents. If you're puzzling over what to get the 32-year-old woman in your life, consider her personality, her lifestyle and what she really wants. Whether she is a full-time mom, career woman or a single lady, a woman in her 30s is in that age range where she doesn't necessarily have it all, which makes shopping for a gift more fun. If you're still coming up short, try some of these ideas on for size.


Smelling Pretty

Bath salts
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Every woman likes to look great and smell even better. Whether you need a gift for a family member, loved one or just a friend, you can never go wrong with scented lotions, body spray or bath essentials. Candles, essential oils and incense for the home are also popular.


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Gift Cards and Subscriptions

Give a gift card
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Since most women in their early 30s are working on making their house a home, gift cards to home improvement or home furnishing stores are useful. It can be difficult to buy clothes for any woman, so a gift card to popular retailers in your area also makes a nice gift. If you know her favorite restaurant, a gift certificate that will cover the cost of a couple meals will surely make her happy. Also, magazine subscriptions are a good plan if you'd like a present that keeps on giving throughout the year.


A Night on the Town

Girls' night out
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If your best gal pal is the birthday girl, treat her to an evening out. Make it a girls' night and head to her favorite restaurant for dinner or her favorite bar for cocktails. Whether your best friend likes mini-golf, going to the movies or dancing the night away, put together an evening filled with her favorite activities. If you know her favorite cake, make sure you get a slice so she can blow out the candles.


Romantic Retreat

Plan a romantic retreat
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If the birthday girl is your wife or girlfriend, give her a romantic retreat. If you don't have the funds or the time to get out of town, then take the kids to a sitter and turn your home into your own private love nest. Get off work early to make her favorite dinner, give a relaxing massage and don't skimp on the dessert. Finish up all the housework and turn off your phones so your lady can come home and enjoy her birthday worry-free. Write a handmade card or heartfelt letter about how much she means to you.


It's a Surprise

Surprise party
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Just because the Big 3-0 has passed doesn't mean the Big 3-2 isn't important. Not everybody likes surprises, but if the birthday lady in your life loves 'em, then plan a shindig behind her back. Get together her friends and family for a quiet dinner party at your house or pull out all the stops and tell everyone you know to meet up at her favorite bar or restaurant. Score extra points by using all of her favorite songs for the evening's soundtrack.



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