The Best Church Easter Games

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Play Easter games at church to help celebrate the holiday.

Churches celebrate Easter with plays, sermons and fellowships. During times of fellowship, offer games to help guests and congregational members get to know one another. Easter games for churches are entertaining and may use religious as well as secular holiday symbols.


Easter Bingo

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Buy or design some bingo-style cards with Easter images like crosses, Easter lilies, Easter bonnets and eggs. Set up a bingo bucket containing all the symbols. When church members win and shout "Bingo," reward them with small Christian gifts like scripture bookmarks and "praying hands" pens. For children, give small bags of jellybeans and tiny Easter puzzles as prizes.

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Scripture Egg Hunt

Choose 10 to 20 popular Easter-related scriptures from the Bible. After you have written or printed them neatly on paper, cut them up into individual words and stuff them into plastic Easter eggs--one complete jumbled scripture per egg. Toss the eggs around the church property or hide them in the sanctuary. Divide the players into two to four groups with the task of finding the eggs and deciphering the scriptures. Award a special prize to the group that correctly deciphers the most scriptures. Have Bibles on hand for them to use as references for their Easter word puzzles.


Word Scramble

Cover a large chalkboard or bulletin board with felt. On 3-by-5 cards, write one word each from Luke 23:28-31. Put fastener strips on the back of the cards and arrange them out of order on the board. One at time, have players swap one card with another. They can only swap one set of two, no more. For added fun, include a few words in the puzzle that do not belong. To be fair, disclose that there are extra words in the puzzle. Do not allow the use of Bibles for this Easter contest.


Easter Bonnets

Have church members bring the most outrageous Easter hats they can find to the party. Preferably, these should be original or at least unusual. You can even gather a few congregants together beforehand to have a hat-making party for the event. As they enter the event area, guests should deposit their Easter hat as covertly as possible into a holding area. Select a group of new members or visitors to take turns placing the hats on their owners, who are seated in a row. After one player has placed a hat on each head, a pre-determined lead of the hat-wearers tells how many are right. The next player takes his turn, trying to increase the number of correct placements. This continues until all the hats are on the right heads.



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