Tips for a Laminate Floor in Closets

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Laminate flooring in a closet is treated much the same as flooring anywhere else.

Laminate flooring is often placed in closets in the rooms where laminate flooring is laid. There are certain steps that should be taken to care for the flooring in the closet, as well as the flooring in the room itself. If you do not care for the flooring in the closet, it will have to be replaced. A few simple tips can help maintain the quality of the laminate flooring for years.



The most useful tip for laminate flooring in closets is to keep moisture away. Since most closets do not have windows and aren't exposed to sunlight, moisture can be a big problem. When moisture gets under a laminate floor, the adhesive can come loose, which will cause the boards to slip or even cup. This means the boards will have to be replaced, or nailed or glued down again. Moisture can be prevented by only putting dry clothing and dry objects into the closet. If shoes, clothes or other items are wet, set them in the sun to dry before placing them back in the closet.


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How much weight is applied to a laminate floor can also be damaging to the floor. The weight of standing objects, such as a dresser or heavy box, can be damaging, and so can the weight of objects thrown into the closet. Shoes, toys and other objects thrown into the closet will cause unsightly bumps and dings on the floor. Always make sure to place items in the closet gently, rather than throwing them on the closet floor.



Scratching is another problem that can ruin any laminate floor in a closet. Closets often get scratched sooner than flooring in other parts of the house, because objects are constantly being taken out of closets and put back in. An improperly hung door can also be a problem if it scrapes against the floor. Laminate floors are tough, but scratching can still be a problem if the floors are not cared for. Make sure that nothing scrapes against the floor when the door is opened and closed. You may also want to consider the addition of a rug in closets in high-traffic areas or in children's rooms.



Laminate flooring should be cleaned even if it is in a closet. If the flooring is not cleaned, it can get scratched and it will also get dull. Clean with a dust mop about once a week. Every three months, you can use a damp mop to clean away any stubborn dirt that has resisted sweeping.



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