Kid's Valentine Box Decorating Ideas

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Valentine's Day is a fun-filled day for kids. With all of the candy being given, Valentine's cards floating around and more, it is no wonder it has become so popular. Schools or daycare centers often have Valentine's Day parties where they have the kids bring Valentine boxes to hold all the Valentine's cards they receive. There are tons of fun decorating ideas for Valentine boxes that you can use during your next Valentine's Day party.


Box Ideas

Before you begin decorating a Valentine box, you must have a box for your base. Simple household items such as milk cartons, cereal boxes and shoe boxes provide a sturdy kid's Valentines box. You can then get creative on how you decorate the box.

Sweethearts Candy Box

Turn your Valentine Box into a Sweetheart box. Sweethearts candies are popular during the month of February and are synonymous with Valentine's Day. Decorating your Valentine box like the candy box would fit right in with the celebration. Most people know what a Sweethearts candy box looks like, but if you need a refresher you can look on the website at for ideas. Use an actual box or a picture for inspiration when decorating.



A mailbox is a cute Valentine box decorating idea. Fashion your child's Valentine box into a mailbox by covering the entire box in solid-colored wrapping paper such as white, brown, pink or red. Cut a slit in the top of the box so that the Valentine's cards can easily be slipped inside. Be sure to write "Mailbox" somewhere on the Valentine box, and then decorate it however you wish. Hearts, X's and O's, and cupids are fun and festive embellishments for the mailbox. Or have your little artist create her own masterpiece on the mailbox.


Chocolate Box

A box of chocolates is a popular gift for Valentine's Day. Why not decorate your Valentine box like a chocolate box? You can use a rectangular box and decorate it like your favorite chocolates, such as Whitman's Sampler, See's or Godiva. Use paint to paint the base part of the box and then use letter stickers to make the words on the box. You can even personalize the chocolate Valentine box to say "Sam's See's Candies" or something similar.

DIY Decorations

Give kids the creative reins when it comes to Valentine box decorating, and allow them to express themselves. Put out a variety of decorations on a few different tables. Decorations can include stamps, ink pads, markers, Valentine-themed stickers, markers, crayons, colored scrap paper, yarn pieces and so on. You can put a few kids at each table and allow them to use whatever materials are available to decorate their Valentine boxes. The kids will love the chance to be creative and make unique Valentine boxes, and you will love the fact that this project is an easy one to set up and clean up.