Player's Ball Costume Ideas

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Since 1974 pimps and players have gotten together for the annual Player's Ball. The Player's Ball once served as a place for pimps and players from around the country to get together and show off their outlandish style. In recent years the Player's Ball has made its way out of the secretive back rooms of bars and convention halls and into mainstream pop culture, prompting Player's Ball-themed costume parties to spring up all over the country. The key to creating a fabulous Player's Ball costume is to keep the clothes bright and outrageous. Turning yourself into a player can be done using a combination of prepackaged pimp costumes, costume jewelry, and things that are already in your closet. No matter what kind of player you decide to be, having fun with colors and costume jewelry will make you the biggest player of the ball.


Huggy Bear

Huggy Bear was a character on the TV series "Starsky & Hutch" in the 1970s. On the show Huggy Bear was known for his smooth demeanor and outrageous outfits. Easily recognizable in his bright pink jumpsuit, massive fur coat, wide brimmed hats, and elevator shoes, Huggy Bear was one of the most popular characters on the show. Because of his popularity, the Huggy Bear look has become one of the more popular costumes at Player's Ball parties. Huggy Bear or Pimp costumes can be purchased at costume stores and online. Huggy Bear costumes usually include a long, fur-trimmed coat, wide brimmed hat, and a brightly-colored matching jumpsuit. The costume can be accessorized with large gold chains and rings.


Video of the Day

Gangsta Player

The gangsta player is an exaggeration of hip-hop culture. Look to videos by Lil Wayne, 50 Cent, or Lil Jon for inspiration. The gangsta player wears huge, baggy jean with his boxers showing from the back. Oversized designer T-shirts or sports jerseys are layered over the jeans, while dark sunglasses, and oversized gold or silver chains encrusted with jewels pull the look together.


Suave Player

The suave player is the most subdued player of the Player's Ball. Instead of relying on bright colors and baggy clothes, the suave player is all about the bling. Wear a solid-colored suit or solid pants with a button up shirt. Layer the outfit in oversized gold or silver jewelry encrusted with jewels, and wear plenty of rings to bring it all together.