List of Things for a Greenhouse

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A simple backyard greenhouse in production

Typically, a greenhouse is defined as a framed building that is covered in glass or a durable plastic sheeting. Using a greenhouse extends a gardener's growing season and widens the array of plants they are able to grow. While the structure itself is relatively simple to build, there are several other elements needed to create the proper temperature and environment that will make your greenhouse a successful place for starting and raising your favorite flowers, vegetables and exotic plants.



The purpose of a greenhouse is to have a place where plants can be started and kept in a warmer climate than nature provides. To accomplish this, some type of heating unit may be needed, especially in areas that experience a prolonged winter.


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Operable windows may provide enough ventilation for some backyard greenhouses, but larger-scale greenhouses may need vents and fans to keep the air quality and plants healthy.

Water Source

Plants in your greenhouse will need to be watered regularly. An article published by recommends using an adjustable telescopic watering wand to reach plants in high places. The article also recommends attaching the wand to a 30-foot coiled hose for easy use.



Depending on the hours of daily light nature provides in your area and the needs of the plants you are cultivating, one or more grow lights might be needed in your greenhouse.

Cleaning Supplies

Specialized cleaning supplies that will keep mold and other contaminants off of the surfaces of your greenhouse without harming plants will be needed. Basic cleaning supplies such as brooms, rags and brushes are also necessary.



Some greenhouses are designed to plant seedling directly in the ground, some are strictly for container gardening and some are a combination of both. If your greenhouse is designed for using containers, you will need a supply of plastic nursery-style pots, clay pots or plantable pots made from peat.



For greenhouses that utilize container gardening, lightweight, washable tables will provide more space and eliminate the need to bend over to tend your plants.



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