Flowers That Look Like Petunias

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Among the most popular garden bedding plants are petunias. Because of the variety of colors and different types of flowering vines, and because the plants do well with a lot of sunlight, these flowers are suited to many gardens. They look as lovely in planters and window boxes as they do in the ground. If you like petunias but are looking for a little bit of variety, there are several other types of bedding plants that bear a resemblance to them. By planting similar flowers, your garden will have a calm and simple look.


Bower Vine

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The Bower Vine, sometimes called Pandorea, has characteristics similar to petunias. It became popular in the 14th and 15th centuries as a trellis plant. The vine does well in both full and partial sun, and needs careful tending--particularly proper watering. Fertilizer is necessary to help the plant achieve its full potential.

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The Calibracoa plant, also known as Million Bells and Lirica Showers, is fairly new to the gardening scene; the plant has been recognized only since the mid-1990s. This plant has tubular flowers, similar to petunia blooms, that grow on trailing stems. Calibracoa plants are about 1/4 the size of a standard petunia plant, so they are a good choice if you like petunias but have limited space. Million Bells can thrive in up to a 1/2 day of full sun.


Katie Ruellia

Another flower with similarities to the petunia is the Katie Ruellia. Katie Ruellia blooms are tubular, but have a slightly more trumpet-like shape than petunias. They are also drought resistant, so you won't have a problem growing them in hot, dry climates.


Gold Star Esperanza

The most popular flower in the Tecoma Stans family is the Gold Star Esperanza, which can grow up to 6 feet in height and 4 feet in width. With tubular blooms and an abundance of green leaves and vines, this plant makes a spectacular showing in front yard garden spaces. This plant can handle a lot of sun, but does require regular water and fertilization for optimal growth.



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