Over the Hill Game Ideas

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Make birthday celebrations for people who are older fun again with a lighthearted over the hill party. You can use this party to honor the years gone by and the years to come. Keep in mind this kind of party isn't for everyone, so be sure the guest of honor will appreciate the over the hill humor before introducing these kinds of games.


Walker Races

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Use walkers or canes and have guests race individually or in teams. You can suggest that more youthful guests tie one of their legs to their devices to create more of a challenge for them.

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Taste Test

Nothing says over the hill like a nice sampling of pureed food. Have several kinds of purred food prepared and see if guests can determine what's in it.

Grandpa's Bingo

Instead of numbers, the bingo squares have over the hill terms like dentures, hearing aids and arthritis in them. Use pennies for markers.


Would You Rather?

Prepare several index cards or slips of paper with questions related to aging like "Would you rather live a long poor life or live a short rich life?" "Would you rather go bald or have long ear hairs?" You can make the questions ahead of time or have guests help as part of the activity. Place the questions in a bowl so each guests can take one, read it aloud and answer the question.


Pin the Toupee

Use a paper toupee that you pin to a paper drawing of a bald guy or find a real toupee to pin on instead. Put a blindfold or very thick bifocals on contestants before they attempt to pin the toupee on the target.


Your Number's Up

This is a dice game of elimination. For each player's turn, call out a number from 1 to 12 then roll two dice. If the number called matches the total of the dice, that player's number is up and she's out of the game. Play goes around the circle until there's only one player left.


Those Were the Days

Hand out a list of items like bread, milk, gas and newspapers. Have guests write down their guesses for how much these items cost when the birthday boy was born. Have a small prize like a piece of candy for the person with the closest guess in each category.



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