Third Grade Halloween School Party Games

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Children get ready for Halloween party
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Third graders are still at an age when they love Halloween, and will therefore enjoy a good classroom party. However, it takes more than candy and costumes to make a third grade Halloween party a success. A good party needs games that are fun and engaging, with spooky holiday themes.


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Tragic Sam

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This is a classic identification game that is organized around Tragic Sam, a fictional character. The back story can be as simple or elaborate as the storyteller wishes, but the bottom line is that Tragic Sam's body parts have been recovered, and it is up to the players to determine what the items really are. Different food items are placed in containers, and each player is asked to feel the "body parts" without peeking and make their guesses. Use your imagination to find different foods that can be used for body parts. For example Sam's brains can be cold spaghetti noodles or cauliflower, eyeballs might be peeled grapes, teeth can be uncooked popcorn kernels and poor Sam's heart might turn out to be a peeled tomato.


The Guessing Jar

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This is a game that should be started at the beginning of class festivities. A large jar containing candy (candy corn, M&Ms, jelly beans or other candy treats) should be displayed. Each student should write on a slip of paper his/her guess as to how many pieces are in the jar. When everyone's had a chance to guess, the answer is revealed. The person who guesses the closest number wins a prize.


Wrap the Mummy

Mummy boy
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Class members are divided into small teams for this game. Each team is given a roll of toilet tissue. One team member is the designated "mummy." The object of the game is to be the first team to wrap its mummy from head to toe using the entire roll of toilet paper.


Halloween-Themed Word Games

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Most classrooms are equipped with a blackboard or dry erase board. A game of hangman can be organized in which the mystery word or phrase is Halloween related. Another idea is to write a Halloween-themed word or phrase on the board and give the students an allotted amount of time in which to create as many new words as possible using the letters of the phrase.


Eyeball Relay

The egg aka eyeball
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This game is a spin on the classic relay race. The class is divided into teams. The first person on each team walks a course with a plastic eyeball (or painted ping pong ball) on a spoon. He/she passes the spoon to the next person on the team and so on. The first team to have each player complete the course wins.