Ideas for Adult Pinatas

Add colorful confetti to your piñata for a lively explosion when it bursts open.
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Piñatas can make an entertaining addition to most any celebration. Though these colorful paper creations filled with goodies are most associated with Mexican fiestas or children's parties, they can bring an enjoyable and amusing element to your next grown-up soiree. Fill your piñata with a variety of prizes and treats to complement the theme and occasion of your party.

A Kid Again

Bring out the kid in your guests by filling a piñata with retro toys and old-fashioned candy for a milestone birthday party. Use toys such as miniature race cars, plastic toy soldiers, metal jacks or vintage spinning tops and other items reminiscent of childhood. Stuff in individually wrapped retro penny candy, pieces of saltwater taffy, small packs of gum and bubblegum-filled lollipops. Miniature packs of crayons, tiny pens, little notebooks and fun-shaped erasers can round out your prizes.

Piñatas and Cocktails

Fill your piñata with cocktail-related treats. Start with miniature bottles featuring a variety of alcohol. Use plastic bottles if your piñata will be breaking onto a solid surface like a deck or patio. Tiny bottle openers and small bottles of cocktail seasoning such as hot sauce can also be included. Instead of candy, fill the piñata with foil-wrapped, liqueur-filled chocolates. Add an assortment of cool swizzle sticks and packages of funky-shaped cocktail picks.

Ladies' Night

For an all-girl affair, fill your piñata with an array of glamorous goodies. Use a piñata that has pull strings to make it easier to open for your high-heeled guests. Start off with cosmetics such as lipsticks, mini bottles of nail polish and tiny perfume samples. Add in rhinestone barrettes, shiny bracelets and glittery pins for added bling. Candy necklaces, colorful candy gem ring pops and fancy chocolates can add a sweet element. Top off your offerings with gift cards to coffee houses or cosmetic stores. Add bunches of glitter confetti in the shape of stars, lips or shoes.

Your Favorite Things

For an engagement party or a wedding, a piñata can include favorite items of the couple as well as elements of their relationship. Start off with bottles of their preferred spirits and pieces of their most-adored candy and chocolates. If their first date was to the movies, include cinema tickets or gift cards to the coffee shop where they met. If the couple loves to cook, include tiny jars of spices or condiments. If they are musically inclined, throw in guitar picks or musical instrument key chains. Top the goodies off with plastic diamond rings or metal wedding bands, along with handfuls of heart-shaped confetti.

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