14 Slow Cooker Recipes for Easy Weeknight Meals

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crockpot stuffing
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Easy Slow Cooker Recipes

The 1970s was a hip decade for fads. Bell bottoms, disco fever and... slow cookers. Get your dinner groove on with these fun, creative ways to cook your favorite dishes. From the traditional to the exotic, you'll be surprised how fresh ingredients make slow cooker recipes hip again for the 21st century. Set it and forget it!

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Pulled chicken sliders
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Chipotle Beer Chicken Sliders

Slow cookers are perfect for keeping shredded meats juicy. Juicy shredded meats are perfect for sliders-- it's a match made in appetizer-turned-meal heaven!

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bowl of BBQ meatballs
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BBQ Meatballs

A good meatball is hard to come by. Help keep freshly-cooked meatballs warm or dress up frozen meatballs with the ease of the slow cooker. Homemade BBQ sauce adds another special touch to this perfect party appetizer.

plate of baked potatoes with toppings
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Baked Potatoes

Sometimes you just don't want to turn on the oven. These quick and easy steps for baking potatoes in the crockpot will keep your kitchen cool and you tastebuds happy.

stuffing in a crock pot
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Crockpot Stuffing

When the craving for comfort food comes to call, this trusty dish will smell heavenly after a long day at the office. Cooking time is short, so use a crockpot with a timer or set it while you prepare the rest of your dinner.

bowls of white bean beer & ham soup
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White Bean Beer & Ham Soup

The beauty of this bean recipe is two-fold-- not only do the northern beans add a hearty texture lost to peas, but the hours spent in the slow cooker marries the flavors of the ham and beer to perfection. Use a store-bought spiral ham or prepare the ham yourself.

bowl of jalapeno beer cheese dip
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Jalapeno Beer Cheese Dip

A challenge to making a spicy dip is just that-- making the dip spicy. Let the slow cooker be your guru as it helps the jalapenos soften at their own speed, unleashing the flavors within!

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bowl of beef brisket
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Beef Brisket

Few things are more unpleasant than dry brisket. Save yourself the heartache of wasting gobs and gobs of BBQ trying to save shoe leather-- use the slow cooker to achieve melt-in-your-mouth perfection.

plate of rump roast and potatoes
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Rump Roast

The same rules of brisket also apply to rump roast. Slow = tender. The best part of this method is that you can toss in whatever veggies you like and enjoy a full meal in one!

pulled pork sandwich on kaiser roll
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BBQ Pulled Pork

As part of a clever 1987 advertising campaign, the National Pork Board declared pork to be "The other white meat." So it must be true, right? For that fall-off-the-bone kind of juiciness and flavor, stew your pork in a slow cooker.

plate of corned beef and cabbage
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Corned Beef & Cabbage

Let the luck of the Irish be with you year-round. With the slow cooker doing the hard work for you, you can sit back, relax and sip on some sweet Irish cream.

bowl of irish stew
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Irish Stew

Properly cooked lamb is ubiquitous with flavor and comfort. Stay warm with both on a cold winter's day. Pairs well with Irish Soda Bread.

plate of oxtails and vegetables
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Crockpot Oxtails

Oxtails are an underrated piece of meat with a lot of flavor potential. The convenience of the slow cooker can turn even the greenest chef into a Caribbean cuisine guru. Don't forget the butter beans and rice!


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