Topics that Interest People

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Football is a source of heated rivalries, debate and excitement.

Just as there are an endless array of people and interests, there are an endless assortment of topics that inevitably interest someone. However, certain topics may grab the attention of a wider audience better than others. Such topics include controversial matters, media entertainment, sports and the unknown.



Capital punishment supporters and detractors are equally passionate on their stance, which can make for an interesting discussion.

Controversial topics by their very nature can spark passionate debate. As such, you'll find vehement enthusiasts on both sides of a given issue supporting with ardor what may be considered moral issues. Topics of war, creation, abortion, gun control, capital punishment, politics, immigration, censorship and welfare provide ample fodder for vigorous debate. And while these topics are unlikely to turn up an individual without a viewpoint one way or another, they're apt to initiate heated discussions.


Video of the Day

Media Entertainment

Box-office hits and flops comprise relevant topics for a conversation.

People have their preferences when it comes to TV shows, movies, music and books. Water-cooler chat at the office may center around the prior evening's TV lineup or the current box-office hit. In addition, debates about the musical integrity of various genres often will attract thoughtful debates. Discussion on the future of the publishing industry and the latest New York Times bestseller will hold the interest of a bibliophile.



NBA draft picks are the subject of discussion days and years after selection.

No matter the sport, people find a way to support their favorite players and teams. Professional, recreational and school-based sports provide a stream of games, statistics, allegiances, rivalries and points of contention for serious and not-so-serious fans to discuss. Playoff games, competitive finals and drafts on TV, can deliver high and occasionally record-breaking ratings. Streams of passionate debate conducted face-to-face or on message boards, chat rooms and social networking sites will contain a variety of what-if scenarios and opinions as to how plays and decisions panned out.


The Unknown

Decades after the disappearance of Jimmy Hoffa, locations continue to be excavated with the expectation of finding a body.

People have a fascination with the unknown. Where science could not adequately explain an event, mankind has turned to religion, conspiracy theories and the supernatural to fill in the gaps. The whereabouts of Jimmy Hoffa, the assassination of JFK, the existence of aliens and the death of Princess Diana get debated within the context of conspiracy theories. The explanation of miraculous religious events or paranormal activity can excite fear, doubt and interest in those willing to take up the topic.



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