How Does the Sleep Number Bed Work?

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The Sleep Number bed is like two beds in one.

If you're in the market for a new bed, one that makes a good night's rest individually comfortable for you and your mate may be a good choice. This is the goal of the Select Comfort manufacturers who created the Sleep Number bed, which includes an adjustable mattress so that each person sleeping in the bed can rest on a mattress section that renders a particularly firm or soft feel.


Air Chambers

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Instead of the coils or springs that are in traditional mattresses, Sleep Number beds contain air chambers. The chambers will expand or contract the bed to change the firmness or softness of the mattress. The air chambers are adjusted with the remote control that comes with the bed so the both people in the bed can receive the desired amount of support.

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Dual Settings

Each Sleep Number bed has dual settings so that each individual can use the remote control for their half of the bed to adjust the mattress softness. This is very helpful for couples, since each individual can "create" a mattress that is most comfortable. Some Sleep Number mattresses also have a feature called FlexFit, which is an adjustable base that offers support for each member of the bed even when sitting up.


Factors That Affect Sleep Number

There are a number of factors that determine a person's sleep number; digits range from one to 100. The posture each person sleeps in helps to determine how firm the mattress should be; for instance, an individual who sleeps on her stomach may want a softer mattress, while her husband, who sleeps on his back, may prefer a firmer mattress. A person's weight and height may factor into how soft or firm the Sleep Number bed should be as well.


Sleep Number Bed Accessories

In addition to the Sleep Number bed, there are accessories that may enhance the sleeping experience. For instance, there are four Comfort Fit comforters that go with the bed, and increase in softness and warmth with each number. The Pillow Fit technology offered by Select Comfort allows buyers to customize their pillows by adding foam or goose down to create the desired softness and support. Sleep Number mattress pads enhance the comfortable feel of the bed, and some models function as an electric blanket to make the bed warmer.



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