Large Acreage Landscaping

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More land often equals more landscaping.

The right landscaping makes large acreage decorative and inviting. Large yards may be daunting. The open space may look plain and unkempt if left in a natural state. With the right items, large acreage becomes a place of pride for its owner. Consider the cost of all landscaping projects before embarking on the task. Large-scale landscaping can translate into large dollars.


Sections and Divisions

To tackle large landscaping jobs, divide the acreage into sections. Smaller sections equals smaller landscaping projects. Plants shrubs or trees in lines or squares to divide the areas or build walkways of wood or concrete. Landscape the smaller areas in a similar manner or use the sections to create different looks for the property. One section may hold regional flower while another holds a rock garden and pond. Plan the sections carefully prior to dividing the area. Some landscaping ideas, such a pond or large boulder garden, require more space than others.


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Bring a large area down to size by layering a frame around the edge. Trees and shrubs that take up too much space in a small yard make ideal pieces for oversized yard. Plant a line of large trees, such as oaks, around the outer edge and a line of smaller or flowering trees just inside the line. Continue layering the landscaping inward with a row of hedge shrubs and follow with a narrow area of decorative or pluming grasses. Finish with a line of small flowering plants. This layering creates a sloping frame and narrows the open space.



Add a building or open structure to large open acreage to give a focal or starting point for landscaping. The vastness of large acreage may overwhelm traditional landscaping items such as grasses and flowers. Adding a focal point to the area visually and physically shrinks the area down to size. Place a large gazebo in the center of the land surrounded by walkways, grasses and shrubs. Use several small garden and tool sheds, decorated to match the home, around the edges of the property. Work outward from the buildings with other landscaping items.


A Labyrinth

A whimsical approach to landscaping large acreage is to create a labyrinth. A labyrinth is basically a large scale maze made to walk through and visually enjoy. There is no set size for a labyrinth; the size is determined by the maze pattern. Construct a maze from decorative concrete or bricks for a low-maintenance landscaping piece. For a pristine or garden appearance, create a labyrinth from trimmed shrubs. This type of maze requires continuous upkeep to maintain the appearance, but has a more natural look.



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