Crafts Using Spray Starch

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Spray starch keeps fabrics stiff and wrinkle-free.

Spray starch is a handy and inexpensive household item that helps keep fabric and clothing crisp and wrinkle-free, but it has a myriad of crafting purposes as well. Spray starch or liquid starch can be used interchangeably for many art and design projects. Revamp old furniture, build new toys and breathe new life into your favorite crafts with this easy-to-use and versatile spray.


Furniture Make-Over

Cover your old wooden furniture in fresh fabric pieces using spray starch as an adhesive. Cut and size a piece of woven fabric to a wood panel. Spray starch on the backside of the fabric and adhere to the surface. Rub over the fabric to eliminate bubbles or wrinkles. Spray another layer of starch over the surface. You can also use a paintbrush to apply starch in the corners and hard-to-reach spots.


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Tissue Paper Ornaments

Use spray starch to transform plain styrofoam balls into beautiful Christmas tree decorations. Cut or tear pieces of colored tissue paper. Spray the tissue and apply directly onto the surface of the balls. Cover the entire ball with as many layers of paper as desired and spray starch again. Let dry then apply a coat of decoupage or glue and water solution over the paper, using a paintbrush. Dust on glitter or sequins for a sparkly effect. Let dry then insert a metal ornament pin into the styrofoam to hang.


Candle Holder

Stiffen fabric with spray starch to make a festive candle holder. Cut a fabric circle, about 24 inches in diameter. This piece should accommodate most standard candle pillars. Thoroughly coat the fabric with spray starch, until it the texture is very hard and stiff. Let dry for a few minutes. Place the candle in the center of the circle. Wrap the edges of the fabric around the pillar. Secure in place with a rubber band. Drape and bunch the fabric as desired to cover the rubber band. Glue on a ribbon to cover the rubber band, or apply yarn, sequins or other decorations. Let dry overnight.


Silly Putty

Make your child's favorite toy from spray starch. You'll 1/2 cup white glue, 1/4 cup spray starch or liquid starch, and a few drops of food coloring. Begin by pouring the white glue into a bowl and mixing it with the food coloring. Spray or add about a tablespoon of starch into the solution and mix until smooth. Gradually add tablespoons of starch and mix until consistency is smooth. Eventually the paste will turn into a putty-like material.



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