Ideas for Naming a Star

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Name a star in a constellation you can remember easily.

The stars have captured human attention for centuries. In ancient civilization the stars were used to represent the gods and heroes of epic myths and legends. Currently people name stars after the people they cherish. Unfortunately the star names you choose to give aren't scientifically recognized, as celestial objects aren't owned by anyone. But the gesture of naming stars still remains popular.


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Star Dedications

There are a number of reasons you may decide to name a star. You can name a star as a birthday gift or in celebration of a new birth. Stars remind us of our connection to each other and they represent eternity and eternal bonds or vows. If you have an upcoming anniversary, choose a star name as your gift or commemorate your wedding by selecting a star name together. Stars are also named as memorials to the deceased.


Considerations of Purchasing Names

Although naming a star is a beautiful sentiment, it is impossible to hold ownership over the name of a star. According to the International Astronomical Union there is no formal documentation of star names that are commercially purchased. When you claim and purchase a name for a star you are paying for a constellation map with the star name you choose printed next to one of the stars on the map. If you want to purchase a map in this manner, visit a website that offers star naming services such as the International Star Registry. Name your star and print out the star chart, or have a chart framed and shipped to you.


Gift Ideas and Presentation

If you want to name a star for a child, consider purchasing a ShiningStar brand plush animal toy. These "star pets" have access codes on their tags for the manufacturer's website that allow children to name their own star and print out a star chart. If you are giving your sweetheart a star sapphire ring or pendant for a proposal or anniversary gift, correlate the gift of a star name in her honor simultaneously.



If you want to save some money, take out a book of star charts from your local library. Choose a constellation to photocopy and select a star in the constellation. Use whiteout to conceal the original name of the star and photocopy the constellation chart again. Write or type in the name you have selected for the star and frame the chart yourself. If you are giving the star name as a gift, use your money to purchase a telescope and give a homemade chart along with it instead. This is a practical alternative for avid star lovers, who are going to enjoy years of star gazing with a telescope for the same price a star chart package would cost.


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