Sleepover Games for Seventeen-Year-Olds

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Girls love having a pajama party with friends.

Hosting a party for older teenagers can be tricky. Many view sleepovers as children's parties, but at this age, there are a limited number of places where older teens can hang out with friends. Inviting a group for a sleepover is a good, safe option. Discuss with guests' parents whether you're having a same-sex or mixed-group slumber party, since some parents may object to a mixed-group party.



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Simple games that will make your friends laugh can be great fun. Kiss, Marry, Avoid may be especially fun for teenage girls. To play, either write the names of celebrities, guys at school, teachers, brothers of friends, etc. on slips of paper in advance, or let guests make up their own lists. Fold all the slips of paper and put them in a hat. Have each guest draw three slips from the hat and decide which of the three people they hypothetically would kiss, which one they would marry and which one they would avoid.

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Sit in a circle. The party host will begin telling a story, which can be as far-fetched or as close to reality as they choose. When the story gets to a cliffhanger, the storyteller will stop and the person to his or her right has to continue the story. Continue around the circle until all the guests have had a chance to add their own twists and turns to the tale. The last person in the circle will wrap up the story.


Photography Fun

Create a "photography studio" in the bedroom or den. If there is room, set the camera on a self-timer with continuous shots. Try to get pictures of everyone leaping in the air at the same time. Slow down the camera's shutter speed and have all the guests shake their head very fast, and see who can create the most blurred face effects. When you're done taking pictures, make a slide show of the shots and view them.


Cooking, Baking

Cooking and baking are fun pajama party activities. If the weather is nice, have an outdoor barbecue and make a campfire, if possible, so you can roast marshmallows and tell stories, sing songs or play music around the fire. Fun indoor cooking activities include baking and decorating cupcakes or cookies, making homemade pizzas, or making popcorn and having a movie night.



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