What Words to Write to Someone in the Military for the Holidays

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Help the troops celebrate the holidays by writing them letters.

Being away from home while serving in the military can be difficult, especially during the holidays. However, a simple letter or card sent to a soldier during this time can brighten his day, whether you know the military person or not. When writing holiday cards, use positive and upbeat words to encourage the soldier while he continues serving the country.



Share some well-wishes for the day right from the start. Begin with "Merry Christmas" or "Happy Independence Day." Expand on this sentiment by telling the soldier you hope she has a way to celebrate the day wherever she's serving. Most people in the military love to hear news from their home country, so tell her about your plans for the holiday or what your town has done to honor the festivities. Many soldiers will be especially encouraged to hear if your community is planning a Veterans Day parade or Fourth of July fireworks show to celebrate freedom.


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Give the soldier thanks for the work he's doing in the military. Tell him why you're proud of him and how thankful you are for his commitment. Tell him why his work is important. For example, write, "Thank you for leaving your family and homeland to protect our freedom. We know it's an ongoing sacrifice, but we appreciate what you do every day." Don't include any political opinions or negativity; instead, keep the words of thanks upbeat and positive.


Personal Anecdotes

Soldiers enjoy hearing about life back in their country to remind them what they're serving for. Share stories from your life in the letter or card. If you know the person, give her updates about life at home, her friends and what you've been doing while she's gone. If you don't know the soldier, share anecdotes from your life. Write about what you're able to do because of your freedom. For example, relay a story about a recent vacation you took across state lines. Tell the soldier this kind of opportunity wouldn't be possible without her service.



Write encouraging words to the soldier to keep him upbeat during the holidays. Being away from home is difficult, especially during special events. Remind the military person what a difference his service is making. Tell him that whether his service to the country is completed in a few days or not for a few years, his commitment and work during this time will be remembered by the country and its future generations.



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