The Best Color Granite With Cherry Cabinets and Black Wooden Floors

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Dark cabinets and red granite counters create an elegant, warm kitchen.
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The deep, rich red undertones of cherry cabinetry coupled with black flooring, whether wood or tile, combine as a dramatic basis for any room, especially a kitchen. With the darker cabinetry choice morphing into a black floor, the eye needs a color break to bring life to the room. That's achieved with the addition of granite countertops in lighter and livelier colors. The right granite, along with a backsplash that unites the components of the room and paint choices that tie the elements together, yields a kitchen -- or any other room -- that's dramatic, modern and daring.


Gray and White Granite

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The starkness of black flooring and dark cabinetry is broken up by using granite that has a large field of white with gray veining. The black, white and gray of Alaskan white plays into the color scheme while adding lightness to the room. Refrain from continuing this bold pattern onto the backsplash. Instead, paint the walls white with a hint of gray. Calacatta gold is another granite choice that displays a large field of white with large, light gray veining. Stainless steel appliances are the natural choice, as is pewter or brushed stainless hardware. Less bold, and highlighting the red in the dark cabinetry, is granite known as Alpine white, which has a pale field of alabaster and black splotching. Paint colors can range from cream to the luster of pale pink. Keep the ceiling white if you use either choice.

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Golden Toned Granite

Granites that feature gold tones add warmth to the room. Carnaval and carioca gold are both busy patterns. The carnaval resembles the glorious solar system, and carioca gold gives off the feeling of standing in the golden sands of the Algarve. Both are complemented with marigold or buttercream wall paint and a backsplash of frosted glass tiles installed over the painted wall. The light field of colonial gold brightens the room, especially if the granite installation is extensive.


Red Granite

The richness found in crema Bordeaux granite adds a pink cast to your decorating color choices. Pale pink walls warm up the room and invite a simple backsplash to unite the cabinetry with the floors. Consider a crema cappuccino basket-weave backsplash with tiny black inserts to continue the theme. Dakota mahogany also plays with the pinks, but its pattern is more complex. A less invasive granite pattern is madre perola, which features a field of pale alabaster with light brown veining. For the bold at heart, sparkling ruby granite with tiny veins of crystal makes a statement. A backsplash of Arctic ice subway tiles connects with the black floor while adding brightness to the room. Taupe walls with gray overtones, a white ceiling and white trim complete the room.


Monochromatic Design

Evoke a monochromatic theme by connecting the dark cabinetry and floor with dark granite countertops. Black galaxy, with its bronze highlights, leads to using toffee or latte on the walls and ceiling, as well as in the backsplash. Black or stainless steel appliances complete the look. Bring color into the room with red countertop appliances. Greenery and decorative crockery bring a spark to the room. Ubatuba is one of the blackest of granites, while Virginia mist carries differing black tones. A bright area rug over the black floor adds color to the decor.


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