Parts of a Funeral Service

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Funeral services can take place beside the grave of the deceased or in a church.

Planning a funeral can be an emotionally taxing experience for family members who have lost a loved one. This is especially true if they are not well versed in the various segments and components of a funeral service. These events do not always happen all in one day, and in many cases take place over time.


The Wake

A wake takes place before an official funeral, and is a time where family and friends of the deceased can visit the body before it is buried or cremated. This allows loved ones to say goodbye in person after the death. Wakes can be held in various venues, but are traditionally held in the home of a close family member.


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The Tribute

During the tribute, loved ones take turns saying something about the deceased. This may be done by sharing poetry, memories, or stories. This memorial service can vary in formality, and can be held anywhere from a church or temple to a public place that holds some special meaning to the friends and family of the deceased. It can take place before or after the burial itself, though the body is not usually present during the tribute service.


The Procession

The procession is the part of a funeral when the deceased's friends and family escort the body to the grave site. This is usually done slowly, and involves a long series of vehicles. If the procession is particularly long, you may need to recruit the help of the local police. Funeral processions in different countries may be subject to different laws.


The Interment

The interment is the official name for the burial, though it also describes the process of scattering ashes. It is simply the name given to the process of delivering the deceased to his or her final resting place. Like the memorial service, some words may be spoken about the deceased during the interment.



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