My Vacuum Doesn't Pick Up Hair

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There are several reasons why a vacuum cleaner may lose suction.

Vacuum cleaners come in all sizes and with a variety of features, such as cyclone suction, ball technology, several tools and attachments, HEPA filters, easy-to-empty dirt containers and automatic height adjustment for different floor types. However, if the vacuum cleaner does not suction as expected, including picking up hair, some troubleshooting may be necessary.


Dirt Bin or Bag

Many vacuum cleaners lose their suction if the dirt bin or bag is full. Remove the dirt bin and empty over a waste receptacle, or open the dirt bag compartment and remove the current dirt bag. Discard the bag and replace with a new bag. When the dirt bin or bag is empty, the vacuum cleaner should have improved suction.


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Blocked Hose

If the hose on the vacuum cleaner is blocked, the vacuum cleaner will lose suction. Disconnect power to the vacuum cleaner and remove the hose. Look inside the hose for an obstruction and use a long-handled instrument, such as a broom handle, to push the obstruction out. Shake the hose before reconnecting to remove any other objects that may be inside.


Blocked Nozzle

When suctioning up hair or other substances with the vacuum cleaner, items can occasionally fill or block the nozzle. Turn off and disconnect power to the vacuum cleaner and turn it over after lowering the handle. Look for obstructions to the nozzle and clear away as necessary. Other nozzles on the vacuum may be blocked as well, such as the nozzle in the dirt bag compartment, and should be inspected.


Brush Roll

If long hair gets caught on the brush roll, it may slow or stop the brush roll from moving as needed, which can reduce or eliminate suction. This is particularly common if cleaning up a large amount of hair or homes with long pieces of hair. Disconnect power to the machine and lower the handle before turning the vacuum over. Use a pair of scissors to cut away any hair or strings that may be caught and then restore power.



One last reason that a vacuum cleaner may lose suction is if the belt is broken or damaged. Some units have a belt window where the belt can be seen for easy diagnosis. Otherwise, the vacuum cleaner should be disconnected and turned over. The belt access door will need to be removed so that the belt can be examined and replaced if necessary.



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