Womanless Beauty Pageant Talent Ideas

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Womanless beauty pageants are a humorous way to raise money.

If you can enlist enough men to participate, consider putting on a womanless beauty pageant as a fundraiser or simply as a way to entertain people. Womanless beauty pageants are just like regular beauty pageants, except men are the ones wearing the sparkling dresses, heavy makeup and big hair. The talent portion of any beauty pageant is important, so help the contestants come up with entertainment ideas that will entertain the audience.



Sing a song as your talent for a womanless beauty pageant. If you can sing is not particularly important because the point is to entertain the audience rather than being serious. Dress up like Liza Minnelli for the talent portion, and sing one of her famous songs. Alternatively, dress up like Barbara Streisand, Diana Ross or Celine Dion, and belt out one of her songs. Choose a song that was written for a woman to sing.


Video of the Day


Show off your dancing skills as your talent for a womanless beauty pageant. Wear a leotard and a tutu, and do your best impression of "Swan Lake." Another idea is to learn the dance steps from video of a dance song by an artist like Beyonce or Rhianna and perform the dance onstage. Remember to choose an outrageous costume to up the humor quotient of your dance.



Baton twirling has long been a popular talent for beauty pageants, so consider that for your performance at a womanless beauty pageant. Choose an upbeat dance song for the performance, and twirl and toss a baton the best way you can. Don't worry about dropping the baton because that will actually make the performance even more humorous. In fact, you should probably plan on dropping it at least once.


Dramatic Reading

Perform a dramatic reading as your talent in a womanless beauty pageant. Rather than simply reciting your favorite poem, keep in mind that the talent is supposed to be funny. Therefore, choose something like a reading from "The Vagina Monologues" or a memorable speech from "Grey's Anatomy" or "Sex and the City." Whatever you choose, recite it in a high-pitched voice, and make sure to be overly dramatic.



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