Ideas for Easy Sunday Brunches

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Coconut macaroon parfait topped with granola and coconut flakes.
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This weekend, skip the long line, and host brunch in the comfort of your own home. It doesn't have to be complicated, thanks to this list of no-fuss brunch recipes. Fritter away your morning and afternoon while munching on chocolate croissants, Meyer lemon morning buns, herb and zucchini frittatas and other easy brunch ideas. Your guests will be impressed by the spread, and you won't have to tell anyone how effortless it actually was!

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Plate of morning buns.
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Mini Meyer Lemon Morning Buns

Not a choco-phile, you say? Try these delectable, four-ingredient mini meyer lemon morning buns! The sweet zing of lemon swirls in layers of buttery puff pastry for a bright, happy morning.

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Breakfast bake in a casserole dish straight from the oven.
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Make-Ahead Beer and Sausage Breakfast Bake

Break the mold and surprise your guests by infusing beer into your brunch! Beer may not be one of the usual suspects on a brunch table, but it's always a welcome friend. Packed with perennial favorites like Parmesan, sausages and beer and infused with the savory aromatics of sage and rosemary, this easy breakfast bake will definitely satiate deep appetites.

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Table with components needed for bloody mary cocktails.
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Bloody Mary Bar

Brunch just isn't complete without a bloody mary. Why not wow your guests with a DIY bloody mary bar? Bring your own flair to the classic cocktail with this handy guide that helps you customize the elements for the perfect bloody mary for your brunch crew.

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Plate of cinnamon roll French toast breakfast bake with tangerine half.
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Make-Ahead Cinnamon Roll French Toast Breakfast Bake

Make everyone feel all warm and cozy inside with this easy make-ahead cinnamon roll French toast breakfast bake. Using leftover bread and pantry staples, you can bring that Christmas feeling to any brunch morning. Young and old alike will sing your praises as the butter, maple syrup, cinnamon and nutmeg work their age-old magic on frayed nerves.

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Short stack of waffles covered with peaches and maple syrup.
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Easy Instant Waffles

Bust out your waffle maker for this effortless waffle recipe. You'll learn how to whip up the batter in just 10 minutes for perfectly crisp waffles that have a fluffy center. Top it off with berries or peaches for a truly special occasion!

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Plate with a forkful of herb and zucchini frittata.
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Herb and Zucchini Frittata

Looking for something lighter and more nutritious? Try this herb and zucchini frittata, inspired by the Persian dish kuku sabzi. Parsley and cilantro brighten up the milder flavor of the zucchini and mellow out the richness of the egg. Light and hearty, your guests won't feel guilty asking for seconds!

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Plate and wire rack of blueberry-glazed scones with a cup of coffee.
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Blueberry-Glazed Scones

Ditch those dense, dry, store-bought hockey pucks, and serve up some scones the way they were meant to be eaten -- moist, airy and fresh out of the oven! Your guests will thank you for saving them from the dreariness of mass-produced scones. These blueberry-glazed scones are worthy of special occasions and when you really want to wow your guests.

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Glass bar cart with components for do-it-yourself mimosas.
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Mimosa Bar

Are bloody marys too intense for you? A mimosa is an easy, classic breakfast cocktail that's as refreshing as it is delightful. It's perfect for the laid-back brunch crew who'd scrunch up their faces at the thought of downing vodka before noon.

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Plate of hash browns with a side of ketchup.
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Hash Browns

Keep those frozen hash browns in the freezer (or, better yet, the freezer aisle)! This how-to guide makes it too easy not to make your own perfectly light and crispy hash browns from scratch. You and your guests will be chowing down on this American favorite in no time.

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Raw bacon spaced evenly on wire rack atop baking sheet.
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Foolproof Bacon

No breakfast or brunch list is complete without the King of Breakfast -- bacon! Now you can learn how to sizzle up this universal favorite in your oven, freeing you up to compose other delectable brunch fare and saving you from cleaning up hot oil splatters.

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Mason jar of overnight oatmeal next to mini containers of fruit toppings.
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Overnight Oatmeal

This no-fuss, healthy dish is made even easier by allowing the oatmeal to simply soak overnight. Come morning, these rolled oats are soft, tender and ready for customization! The delicate nuttiness serves as the perfect backdrop for endless possibilities.

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