How Often to Water a Jalapeno Plant?

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Jalapeno peppers are among the most commonly grown hot pepper in the United States.

Jalapeno peppers are a popular hot pepper grown across much of the United States. The fruit of the jalapeno grows green but can turn to red as it matures. You can grow the pepper plants in containers or pots as well as in the garden. Its care requirements are similar to other hot and sweet peppers and fall within the capabilities of most home gardeners.


Water Requirements

Water requirements for hot and sweet peppers are similar at about 2 inches per week. This is a combination of natural rain and irrigation. Growers should curtail watering if rain has occurred.

Watering Frequency

Water once or twice a week with enough water to soak the soil to a depth of at least 6 inches. The root system of the jalapeno pepper is deep enough to utilize deep water. Drip irrigation provides continuous water to the plant through a system of hoses and emitters that provide a drip of water for several hours per day as controlled by the gardener.


Conserving Water

Placing mulch around the jalapeno pepper plant reduces the water requirements of the plant. Organic mulch covers the soil and reduces evaporation. Black plastic mulch covers the soil to reduce evaporation but also increases the temperature of the soil and air around the plant. Jalapenos prefer temperatures of about 80 degrees Fahrenheit for optimum growth.

Signs of Water Stress

Either overwatering or underwatering causes stress in jalapeno plants. Plants that drop blossoms without setting fruit may be suffering from water stress. Other signs include dry rot at the end of the jalapeno pepper.