Fun Halloween Game Ideas

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Ask all guests to come in costume.

Halloween is the one holiday that makes almost everyone feel like a child again. Whether you are throwing a party for children or for adults, plan at least a few games -- keeping busy helps keep everyone from overdosing on sugar. Buy some small prizes for the winners, such as Halloween pencils or light-up pumpkin necklaces. Avoid giving out candy, since there is more than enough of it going around at this time of year.


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Biting at Doughnuts

A doughnut-eating game is not only fun, but tasty too. Buy enough circular doughnuts to allow one for each guest. Tie a rope through the hole at the center of each doughnut. Hang a string across the ceiling of the party room. If you are playing outdoors, hang a rope between two trees. Once guests are assembled, have them stand under the rope. Tie one doughnut in front of each guest, hanging it so it is just above the player's mouth. Players must eat their entire doughnuts without using their hands. The first to finish wins.


Noses in Disguise

This game is harder than it sounds and is enjoyable for both adults and children. Hang two sheets in the center of the room so their edges overlap. Divide the party guests into two groups. While one group sits in front of the sheets, the second group goes behind the sheets. One at a time, each person behind the sheet pulls the sheets apart just enough to stick only his nose through the opening. The second group must guess whose nose they are seeing.


Find the Bats

This game is simple to arrange and takes up to an hour to play. Cut several dozen small bats out of black construction paper. Bats should be about 2-inches wide. Tape the bats throughout the party area. Hide the bats in hard-to-spot locations, such as taped to other black objects or in dark corners. For younger children, hide the bats in easier locations so they do not get frustrated. Do not hide the bats inside or under anything. The player who finds the most bats during the party wins.


Cat Got Your Tongue

At the start of the party, declare certain words off-limits. Choose words that guests are likely to say often, such as "Halloween" or "costume." Each time someone catches another guest saying one of the forbidden words, the guest who spoke the word must perform a "punishment." Place a sticker onto a guest's shirt each time he says one of the words, or ask each the guests to perform a "trick" of his choice. Tell loose-lipped guests to choose between singing a song, performing a magic trick or doing a dance each time he says the forbidden word. Whoever has the fewest slip-ups wins.