Float Ideas for Veteran Parade

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Honor Vets with a Veteran's Day parade.

Veteran's Day is a special day to honor our nation's veterans. It's a time to say thank you to the vets for their service and to honor those who have lost their lives in battle. Veteran's Day celebrations include parades. A Veteran's Day parade float should be respectful to Vet's and their family, and include a patriotic or military theme.


Patriotic Themes

A red, white and blue themed parade float is appropriate on Veteran's Day. Use large cardboard cutouts painted to resemble "Uncle Sam" and cover the float in red, white and blue metallic garland. Add American flags to the front and back of the float and play the National Anthem and other patriotic songs over a loud speaker. Add yellow ribbons to the design to show honor for those soldiers who are currently serving.


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Honoring and Memorial Themes

Veteran's Day is bittersweet for the families who have lost a loved one to war or military service. Create a memorial themed float to honor these families. Enlarge photos of local people who were killed in battle or military service. Mount the photos on foam core and add red, white and blue carnations around the photos to frame it. The float should carry an overall respectful theme and not include campy or cutesy elements. You can also choose to honor those Vet's who are retired or even actively serving. Write "Thank you!" on a banner that can hang along the back of the float. Ask local veterans to ride on the float.


Specific Wars or Battles Theme

Focus a Veteran's Day parade float theme on a specific war or battle. For instance, if you choose to highlight WWII, have actors in period dress riding on the float and play big band music playing on the load speaker. Enlarge pictures of local veterans from WWII to display on the float. Be sure to write "World War II" on a banner on the float so the audience will know the theme of the float. You may also choose to feature a float recognizing Vietnam vets. Play 1960s-era music and have actors wear period clothing. Be sure to be respectful and honoring with float decor ideas.


Other Veteran Parade Float Ideas

Veteran's Day parade floats can highlight specific branches of the military or specific types for vets. For instance a float can honor women who have served. Use insignias from the Women's Army Corps to decorate the float and feature female veterans on the float either through photographs or in person. If there is a local charity that serves the needs of female military members and families, advertise the organization by including their name, website or phone number on the float. You may also want to use the float as a means to encourage parade attendees to join military branches, such as the National Guard.



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