Ideas for a Principal on Boss's Day

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Principals strategize with teachers to help come up with the best teaching methods.

If you're a teacher, then your boss is the principal of the school. He spends untold hours each and every school day managing the overall running of the school, handling difficult situations with students and counseling you on the best way to handle situations. All of that work deserves a big thank you. On Boss's Day, which is October 16 each year, shower your principal with appreciation.


Decorate the Office Door

Take three pieces of construction paper and print one word on each. The words you should print are: best, principal and ever. Go to each teacher and worker in the school and get a signature on one of the pieces of paper. Arrive at the school early the morning of Boss's Day, before the principal normally arrives, and tape the sheets to the door to the her office. You can also purchase some small signs from a local card store that say, "Happy Boss's Day" and tape those to the door as well. If you cannot find those signs, you can always print your own.


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Luncheon in the Principal's Honor

Throw a luncheon in honor of the principal. Ask several people to pitch in and create different items for a luncheon in the teacher's lounge. This usually works best if you create a sign-up sheet and remind those bringing items the day before the luncheon. If the principal has a favorite dessert or food item, make sure that food is available. Decorate the room with a pretty tablecloth, streamers and a few colorful balloons for a festive look. Line up a few of the veteran teachers who have been at the school for years to say a few words of appreciation about the principal. A few days before, give the principal a written invite or email one so he can plan his schedule accordingly.


Showers of Flowers

Speak to a local flower shop and find out what different types of flowers you can purchase that would be about $1 each. Collect donations from students and staff who want to shower the principal with flowers on Boss's Day, on October 16, or Principal's Day, which is May 1. Arrange to either pick up the flowers on the actual day or have them delivered. Pass the flowers out to anyone who has ordered one and they will then give it to the principal when they see her. The goal is for the principal to receive flowers one after the other throughout the day.


Create a Rap Song

Principals almost always appreciate a little creativity and good-spirited fun. Gather some of the teachers together and create a rap about the work the principal does. Try to put some personal touches into the song. For example, if your principal has a catch phrase he says often, work it into the song. If he is cheerful in the mornings when everyone else is grumpy, working something in about that. Add in elements that include his favorite foods, hobbies and subjects studied in school. On Boss's Day, just before or after school, gather the teachers together in front of the school office and ask the principal to come out into the hall so you can serenade him.



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