Tips on Cutting an Ice Cream Cake

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An ice cream cake is a delicious combination of cake and ice cream.

An ice cream cake, a combination of pastry and ice cream frozen together, is an alternative to serving cake and ice cream separately. You serve ice cream cakes in slices that look like regular cake slices, but you will have to change your cutting technique slightly to slice through the ice cream.


Remove the ice cream cake from the freezer approximately a half an hour before serving. Allow your cake to soften slightly before cutting. Commercially made cakes are usually frozen at a lower temperature and will require more time to soften than homemade cakes.


Cut your ice cream cake with a long serrated knife. Warm the knife by placing the blade in a glass of hot water. Dry off any excess water before cutting the cake. You may need to re-dip the knife to rewarm it after cutting several slices.


Select a location out of the direct sun to serve your ice cream cake. Cut the cake into triangular or square pieces and serve on individual serving plates. You may also serve your cake in small bowls to avoid a mess should the cake begin to melt.


Immediately return any remaining cake to the freezer after serving. Store the cake in an airtight container.

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