Principles of Housekeeping

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Routine maintainance is the easiest and most effective method of housekeeping.

Principles of housekeeping cover cleaning the inside of a home, including the furniture, removing rubbish, washing linens, floors, windows, vacuuming and dusting. Having a clean home helps prevent illnesses and reduces the related stress of an unkempt home. Routine maintenance saves time in the long run -- it's easier to scrub a tub every couple of weeks than it is to get the built-up scum off if you only scrub it once every couple of months. Following the aphorism of having a place for everything and putting everything in its place will save you time looking for items.


Daily Principles

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Particularly in areas where sanitation is a concern such as kitchens and bathrooms, you should follow daily principles in housekeeping. Kitchen floors should be swept after each meal. Spot clean counter tops, empty rubbish and put all food away properly. Wipe surfaces down and allow to air dry overnight.

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Weekly Principles

Some chores must be done at least once a week. Vacuum, sweep or wash all floor surfaces at least once a week. Keeping floors clean will prevent any source of lint, dirt, food and so forth from being walked upon and dragged to other areas in the home. "A stitch in time saves nine" applies here. Thoroughly dust all furniture and wipe down any ceramics, photo frames, books and electronics each week. All bed and bath linens should be washed in hot water at least once a week. Thoroughly disinfect bathroom toilet bowls, sink and tub areas. Better Homes and Gardens suggests that you start with the kitchen and bathroom when addressing the weekly chores because they are high-traffic rooms and disinfecting is key to prevent illness.


Monthly Principles

Look up and dust any moldings, ceiling fans, door frames and book shelves. Remove curtains prior to dusting and wash sheer curtains as needed. During the nicer weather when windows are left open and the beautiful sheers blow with the breeze, they will get dusty, so monthly washing may be needed. Bed spreads, blankets on the sofa, throw rugs and any other linens exposed should be washed monthly.


Spring and Fall Cleaning

For spring and fall cleaning, windows, curtains, all woodwork and moldings around the windows, should be stripped and cleaned. Take out screens and any windows you can and wash them down outdoors, or if you have to, wash them off in your shower. Draperies should be dry-cleaned, or washed, all sheers washed, mini-blinds taken down and washed in the bathtub, or driveway. Open all windows and air out the house when you do the big dusty chores such as these. Keep in mind that once you do this, you will find your own pattern to keeping your house clean.


Outdoor Housekeeping Principles

Outdoor maintenance housekeeping must be undertaken, too. Lawn, roof, rain gutters, door mats, and leaf removal are sample outdoor principles of housekeeping that need to be done routinely. Maintenance for yard is a weekly task, however the structure of the home should be checked about every six months so that any issue may be caught and repaired at the earliest possible time. If you let your gutters fill up with leaves you will end up with a roof structure that is being abused. Cutting grass weekly is easier than cutting the same area only once a month.



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